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The Big Lake Economic Development is governed by a seven member Board of Directors consisting of:  Frank White, President; Kim Hutchinson Vice-President; Miranda Davidson; Secretary, Carl Baker,Brandi Lemons, Melvin Davis, Jr. and Angel Olvera.  Also serving the board are Melanie Spratt-Anderson, Attorney-at-Law and Gloria Baggett, Executive Director.  The BLEDC Board of Directors is responsible to the City Council of the City of Big Lake. The BLEDC Board meets the second Thursday of each month in the board room of the Economic Development at 409 E. 2nd Street, Big Lake, Texas.

The BLEDC uses the ½ cent sales tax funds for its operating budget and is responsible for operating its activities within the confines of the approved budget under the umbrella of the City of Big Lake.  Because the ½ cent sales tax is a use of public funds, the State of Texas’ Open Meeting and Open Information Laws must be observed.  This is accomplished by ongoing monitoring of accounts and working in cooperation with the BLEDC and City Council to identify goals that ensure continued economic progress.

Reports are provided monthly to the EDC Board of Directors summarizing the previous month’s activities and the status of current sales tax receipts.  As a barometer for the local economy, The Economic Development pays close attention to monthly sales tax receipts and makes a concerted effort to adjust expenditures accordingly.  All reports and records are audited annually by the firm of Eckert & Company, CPA, in conjunction with the City of Big Lake.


  • Land, building, equipment, facilities and improvements related to JOB CREATION
  • Certain Job Training Expenses
  • Infrastructure such as roads, utility lines, and internet located in a BUSINESS AREA
  • Quality of Life Projects such as parks, convention center, and amateur sports facilities
  • Advertisement & Promotions for Economic Development purposes
  • Assist local businesses thru grants to expand their business and create additional jobs
  • Promote NEW business through grants and creation of new job.

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